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Your Guide to Student Discounts

How to make the best of being a student, a guest post by The Frugal Teen.

Hello, I’m Annelies, a student blogger from “The Frugal Teen” blog and today I’m putting together some discounts for you on items that aren’t necessities, but that students spend a lot of money on.  

Based on a poll on my twitter page, my student friends seem to spend most of their money on make-up! But today I will focus on discounts for the three other important categories: clothes, entertainment and social life.

Enjoy x

Student Discounts on Clothes (and other must haves)

Although many individual companies give discounts to students, here I will just mention some voucher sites to save time, as these sites list most of the discounts available.


UnidaysDespite what the name suggests, you can join this discount site if you have a school email address (so even if you’re a frugal year 7 you can make the most of this site).

Unidays offers smaller discounts than other sites, but they change their offers regularly, so you have a large variety available to you. Currently, they are offering 15% off Forever 21, 10% off Urban Outfitters and 30% off Missguided, among others.

Furthermore, they have a whole sub-heading for “Fashion”, so navigation around this website is very easy.


sb_logo_nostrap-300x221Studentbeans is similar to Unidays but they never have identical discounts, so if you’re looking for something which isn’t on one site, it’s always worth looking on the other.  Right now they are offering 25% off The Body Shop and 20% off Sweaty Betty among many others.

Studentbeans also includes more information on finances and home utilities etc. as well as the bonus category of “travel” which is always useful if you visit home regularly.

Although I have put both sites under the category of fashion, they also have discount codes for other aspects of being a student such as food, beauty and lifestyle, so it’s worth having a look before any purchase you want to make.


Now, this is might not appear like a conventional money-saving trick, however, with a quick search on Facebook you can find so many “For sale groups” in your hometown or university town.

Here, people sell things that are no longer needed or that they need to get rid of because they’re moving. I’ve seen things posted from shoes to bikes, so it’s almost the modern social media equivalent to eBay. Have a quick look, honestly, you’ll be surprised! 

(And, of course, if you choose to, you can also sell your items here for a bit of additional cash).


Now, obviously, I know that entertainment is a broad word, but I define it as video games, cinema or anything that helps pass the time. So, let’s get started.

Free cinema:


This is even better than a discount. It’s a (legal) freebie! No, it’s not a scam and no, there are no catches, you can literally go to the cinema for free. All you have to do is keep an eye on the website (if you register you’ll get email notifications when a new offer becomes available) and check if the free tickets are available in your location.

I personally have seen a lot of films with this website and I don’t even live in a city! The offers are always for new films before release, so you can view them before everyone else AND there are no 20 minute adverts beforehand. It’s foolproof and of course amazing value for £0!

Video games:

Amazon Student is just an ordinary Amazon account but with several advantages and 50% off an Amazon Prime account.



Furthermore, you can try it for free for 6 months. This will give you a 5% discount on games and free delivery too!


spotIf you have an NUS card, you can make the most of 50% reduction on Spotify Premium account. You can use Spotify Premium on your phone and avoid all those annoying adverts, which means it’s also great for having on loudspeaker at parties.

With 50% off, this means you can get it for £4.99 a month!


free-1-month-movie-pass-at-now-tv-gratisfaction-uk-freebiesAnother NUS card deal is NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass for only £3 for 3 months. This is a great deal as normally It’s £9.99 per month!

This will be great for when you have friends or family around (or for procrastination), so if you have the card then it’s definitely an offer worth making the most of.

If you’d like to know about applying for the card, look here >>

Social life:

Groupon and Wowcher:

 groupon-logo wowcher-logo-6fb371c4d7-seeklogo-com

Both these sites give you amazing discounts on meals out and activities with friends, be it paintballing, ice skating or an evening of pampering with the girls. You can make great memories and have a fun weekend for less than you would normally pay for a casual night out. It’s definitely worth it.  

Familiarise yourself with your area:

Local clubs or restaurants will often make deals for students (as they’re a big market) so it’s worth seeing if they have weekly events where drinks are cheaper. You could end up saving money and if you include this with your cheap(er) pre-drinks then you’ve got yourself a bargain.  


Well, I hope this has been a help of some sort. There’s plenty more ways to save money which I can’t wait to share with you all but for now, have a good week!  

The Frugal Teen x


Author: The Frugal Teen

The Frugal Teen is a student blogger whose aim is to get you living frugally. Check out her blog to see loads of deals, information and tips on how to save money and get saving!

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