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Spring Wardrobe Reboot

It is nearly March, so that means real spring weather must be just around the corner. It’s worth thinking about what clothes you want to buy for the new season now, before the mid-season sales start.

I thought it might be useful to have a look at 10 current trends and where to get them at a decent price. In the process I did not neglect the most budget friendly option of all: my wardrobe. I will, however, just ignore the “red PVC trousers” that are “totally having a moment” according to ASOS. Judging from the street style reporting from the various fashion weeks in the last few weeks, we are still allowed to dress like slobs, rather than looking lady-like. This is good news, especially if you have small children.

1. The Shirt is Back

I wasn’t aware that it has ever left. If you work in an office, this is an easy trend, just wear your shirts on a weekend too and don’t tuck it into your trousers, or tuck it in only half-way. The fashionable option calls for deep cuffs that would normally require cuff links or a combination with other spring trends: fluted sleeves, embroidery, gingham. If you are married and he works in an office too, try wearing one of his old workshirts, the instant answer to owning an oversized cotton shirt.

2. The Mac is also Back

Another essential that most of us already have. It might be a good year though to get a new one in the sales.

3. Gingham

There seems to be a fair amount of gingham around again this year. Periodically, it is declared that gingham is once again suitable for people younger than my grandmother. Not that I have ever seen anyone my gran’s age wearing gingham.

4. Sleeves

Fluted sleeves in light materials (primarily in chiffon) are back. I really liked this trend in the early 2000s, so I am thrilled to see it coming back. As long as it’s not followed by mutton sleeves, like in the last decade…

5. Pussy Bow Blouses

These are easy to wear and quite feminine.

6. Tea Dresses

Ideally in chiffon. This is a very forgiving and pretty trend for those of us who are not sufficiently sculpted to be instagram stars.

7. Handkerchief Hems

This is what skirt hems that are not the same length all the way round are called. Go wild.

8. The Sculpted Look

Can also be combined with fluted sleeves, a la Melania Trump. I worry that these dresses might make me look like a sausage. For all but the best proportioned, these will need serious underwear to keep everything in the right place.

9. Floral Patterned Trousers

Think large florals, not small ones.

10. Anything with Embroidery on it

Feel free to look a wee bit ditzy. I especially like this trend on bags and shoes.


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