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Posting great deals on is both fun and profitable. In this article we will tell you how to go about it to make the biggest impact. is quickly becoming one of the biggest players in the UK’s deals website market. If you are a bargain hunter, like us at JLHQ, you probably find it fun to search out great deals and share it with other people. At JustLooking sharing deals can also make you money: uniquely among deals sites, we share 50% of the profits we make from affiliate commissions with the users who have posted those deals on our site!  (Find out more.)

Start sharing deals!

The basics of posting a deal are already covered here. In this post I will offer further tips on how to make an impact when posting a deal on, whether you are a newcomer or have already posted many deals for us.


Deal Title

On the internet a rose by any other name is not nearly as easy to find. Your deal title determines how easy it is to find your deal, both on search engines and through the seach box on JustLooking. The more people click on your deal, the more Reputation Points you earn. The more Reputation Points you earn, the higher your share in our profit reward pool. Plus, it’s much better for us as well if our users can easily find the deals you posted!


Make your title as short as possible, fill it with keywords people search for and keep it factual. “OMG this is the best deal I found yet: super laptop” is not a great title, because the only keyword is laptop . It would be much better to simply say: “MEDION AKOYA S4219 14″ Full HD Everyday laptop“. This title still sneaks in the word “everyday” to tell people a bit more about the product.

Finally, keywords in your title get picked up by our tags pages.  A super duper awesome enhancement to tags is coming soon, at which point I’ll update this post. We also have special tags which you can use to help us classify deals, like #Flashsale for deals that will only be available for a short time.

Finally, sometimes you are providing a listing for something that is available in a range of options. In this case you can write “from” at the end of the description. Deal titles are structured like this:

“Discount” “Title” “Price” at “Retailer”.

Adding “from” can get you a title like: “Reykjavik, Niagara Falls and New York: 6 or 7 Nights with Return Flights and Internal Transfers. From £659.00 @GroupOn“.

Deal URL

Web stores don’t make it easy for us to simply copy and paste a URL. That is because they often have tracking code that tells them where a user came from.

Example: “”

This tells Amazon that I searched for the keyword “laptop”, ended up on their “computers” category page and then clicked on the first available option. You don’t need all this when posting a deal. So cut the tracking stuff and copy:


If you are unsure how far back to cut, just delete the bit you think you don’t need in the address bar and hit enter. If the site comes back with an error page, you deleted too much.


The first few lines of your description are visible to people when they browse through deals. This is a good place to say why this is a great deal. Maybe it would be a perfect Christmas gift? Maybe it’s the cheapest price you have ever seen on this product? Maybe you already own it and know it’s awsome?

This is also a good place to put expiry dates for deals so users can easily see how long they have to make up their mind and mods can easily see which deals are expired.



Most of the time you can right-click on an image and select “Copy image address” (Chrome) or “Copy” (IE, Edge). Then you can simply paste the url of the image into the “enter image URL box” and you are done. Remember, square images look best on JustLooking.


Problem 1: The URL is not working

Sometimes websites add code to image URLs that tells your browser how to display the image.

Example: “”

In this case just delete everything that comes after  “.jpg”, starting with the question mark. It should then look like this:


Problem 2: Website does not let you copy URL

Click “Save image / picture as” instead, save the file on your computer, phone or tablet and use the “upload image” option on our Share Deal page.

Problem 3: Website does not let you save image

Solution 1: Hit the back button. You can often save the small thumbnails from the shop’s page when you cannot save the larger image from the product page.

Solution 2: Search Google images with the product and shop name, e.g. “Boots No7 gift set”. You should then be able to find an image you can save. Please, only grab images in this wat from retailers’ pages.

Solution 3: Take a screenshot, crop it so it only shows the product and upload this image.

Link to a Review

You can add links to reviews of products and online stores from the “Share Deal” page. This is especially great for things like games or electronic products that you can find a lot of reviews for online. You get extra Reputation Points for every review you add.

At the moment only a limited number of review sites are supported, as we don’t want people to link to sites that are unreliable and might mislead our users. If you would like to see another review site added, please let us know in the suggestions thread of our forum.


Link to Alternate Deal

Maybe you have just posted two similar deals? I have recently posted a deal for a Duplo farm and a Duplo tractor. I though maybe people would be interested in buying both as they were both at a great price. This is where the “link to alternate deal” function comes in when posting a deal. Again, you earn extra Reputation Points!

Test Your Deal!

I am guilty of this too. Once you posted the deal, click on the image and test if the link works and takes you to the right page.


Happy posting!


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