Free return shipping with PayPal

Free Return Shipping with PayPal

PayPal’s newest offer: free return shipping if you user their payment service until 31 December 2017. Here’s how it works.

Nowadays most online stores in the UK offer free returns. This makes sense – shopping online you may not always know if the item is really as described or whether it will fit you. I know I am more likely to buy something without seeing it first if I can easily return it.

Now you can always get free returns if you use PayPal. Just go to their website to activate the service and they will pay postage costs of up to £15 until 31 December 2017 for up to 12 qualifying items.

Of course it is still more hassle than returns paid for by the original online store. You will need to prove with your PayPal receipt and your post office / courier receipt that you have paid via PayPal and then returned the item. The shipping receipt has to have the address on it, or you need to take a photo of your package with the address clearly visible.

You can only claim for 12 items a year, but given that most shops do offer free returns, this should hopefully be enough to cover you for the rest.  Remember the service only works if you activate it here!


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