5 Tips for Saving Money on Games

If you play video games or know someone who does, you don’t need me to tell you that video games are expensive. A new Xbox or PS4 game will leave you a hefty £50 to £60 out of pocket. So what can you do to save money on them? Here are a couple of pointers and tips you can use to save money.

1. Sell Your Old Games

Game trade-ins in a store may not be so profitable. Receiving £40 off a new game, in exchange for a game you bought a week ago for £60, can seem a tad less than generous, but it does all pay off. If you don’t feel like getting store credit or a third less than what you paid, you might follow the example of the many gamers who prefer to pay a few pounds less on sites like eBay or other reselling places, rather than shopping at the big games stores in the first place. Gamers will do anything to shave a few pounds off.

Another way to think about is that if you sell a game you bought for £60 for £50, you spent £10 on a good few hours of fun, which is on average less than a trip to the movies, for many more hours of entertainment! Plus, it’s a good place for you to find bargains too.


2. Trade them!

As I mentioned before, if trading in games to stores doesn’t seem worth your time, gamers will be more than happy to take them not just for money, but also in exchange for other games. It’s been happening ever since games came in cartridges and it will continue to do so. Picture this: two games come out in a week, you can only buy one, but would like to try the other one. Odds are someone else is in the same situation too, so go for a straight swap! Again, you can find these on reselling sites. Often, people won’t post them for swaps, but frequently they will be open to it if you ask.

3. PC Games

 The battle between PC and Console has been a raging for a while. We’re not going to get into that right now, but there’s one advantage if you have a PC: cheaper games. It might not seem worth paying about £1000 for a good PC as opposed to £300 for a console, but you will save money in the long run. It can seem very daunting to get into the PC gaming scene, but as soon as I did, I was so glad. If you know where to look, downloadable new games go from £60 to £30. The best place I have found for games like these is

They just sell the keys that unlock games on your Steam or Origin account, or wherever the game is hosted. If that wasn’t enough, Steam itself hosts multiple sales a year, normally during winter and summer, where pretty much every game on the service (which is over 14000) is discounted, so keep an eye out for that. A little side note: when you play certain Steam games, you get virtual trading cards. These have pretty much no real value other than collecting them to “level up” your Steam account which, again, has no real value. However, you can resell these cards on the built-in Steam marketplace. They only go for a few pence each, with the most expensive one I’ve sold being around 20p, but all the ones I’ve sold over the years have added up to £12.50 of Steam credit with about 30 still to sell. Every little bit helps.


4. Game Sharing

Speaking of Steam, it has a great feature called Family Sharing. It’s pretty much self-explanatory: you and a friend can share Steam libraries, meaning you can play all their games, and they can play yours.

This feature was designed so multiple accounts on the same PC could play all the games from each account. If someone on a shared PC buys all the games but doesn’t want others on their account, then everyone on that PC can play the games on their own separate accounts, without having to even touch the main one.

You must be wary however, it does involve signing in on each other’s PCs and allowing Steam sharing on that PC. This means that it’s possible among friends, but they must know your login credentials. I would NEVER recommend giving that to ANYONE unless you know them well, as a large aspect of trust is involved.

The only negative point of this is that you can’t play each other’s libraries at the same time, so sharing to play multiplayer with each other, unfortunately, won’t work.


5. Search the Deals

Websites like JustLooking are a great way to find deals across a wide variety of websites, you can see the current list of game deals here. I, myself as well as @FGameReviews have posted deals on here that we love, from several different websites: from CDkeys to Amazon. I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on this page because I’ve even seen free games advertised before, so it’s definitely worth it!


Author: The Frugal Teen

The Frugal Teen is a student blogger whose aim is to get you living frugally. Check out her blog to see loads of deals, information and tips on how to save money and get saving!

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