By joining Justlooking you agree to abide by Terms and Conditions laid out below.

1. Code of Conduct

We expect members to participate in a positive and friendly manner that is conducive to fostering the Justlooking community. This applies across the entire Justlooking website including the postings, messages, comments and the forum .Justlooking is a family forum accessible to anyone of any age whether a member or not, therefore, all content posted must take this into account and any transgression severely frowned upon. As a member you are responsible for your actions so please think twice if you believe you are near a boundary.

a) Membership

We reserve the right to refuse membership and further, in the event of fraudulent, abusive or other activity we determine to be un-becoming, we reserve the right to terminate your account. In addition, please note that accounts may be disabled if they are deemed to be dormant accounts.

As a condition of membership, you will need to accept service emails from Justlooking and authenticate your email address. Please note that you need to 'opt-in' to receive other emails, such as deal alerts, newsletters, etc. as by default you will not be signed up to receive these emails.

If you have joined via a friend's referral, then the referrer (your friend) may be able to see if you have become a trusted member in order for them to gain additional reputation points, they will also be able to see the date you signed up and your username.

We reserve the right to terminate a member's account if a serviceable email address is not provided and also if that member marks our emails as abusive, junk or spam.

b) Username

Please abide by the following rules when creating your username. Any transgression may result in a permanent ban without warning.

- Choose a username and avatar that is not offensive.

- Do not choose a name to impersonate another user.

- Do not create multiple accounts.

c) Behaviour

Justlooking has zero tolerance to the following activities list below. Any transgression will result in a ban at the discretion of Admin and Moderators and any rewards may become forfeit

i) Spam. Irrelevant messages posted for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

ii) Trolls. Typically someone who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative posts

iii) Racism, Religion, Sexuality. Attacks on a person or group's faith, race, colour, sexual preference, beliefs will not be tolerated

iv) Foul Language & Rudeness. Justlooking is a family forum accessible to anyone of any age whether a member or not, therefore, all content posted must take this into account. Please be polite and respect fellow members at all times.

v) Self-promotion of businesses, by anyone involved with them including third party agents, unless by prior agreement. Justlooking encourages the posting of great deals wherever they come from but at the same time will not allow the site to be spammed.

As a rule of thumb a company will be allowed to post deals initially weekly and depending on their performance maybe be allowed to move to daily deals or blocked from posting future deals

vi) No links to personal websites, requests for referrals, referral links, third party affiliate links, advertising for personal gain and displaying of e-mail address

vii) Tampering of Justlooking including modification of URLs, posting unauthorised URLs, pages being spidered, email cloaking, automatic scripts or anything deemed by ourselves to be abnormal use.

d) Reporting Offending Posts:

Do not reply to an offending post, leave it to Admin and Moderators who will deal with the situation as soon as possible.