• Expired Solid Maplewood 4/4 Violin & Full Accessories £39.99 @Thisisitstores


    A superb choice for beginners, students and fans of Sherlock Holmes, this full-scale 4/4 violin comes with everything you need to learn and play. A popular first instrument for musos of all ages, the solid Maplewood violin is supplied in an Oxford carry case with a beautiful flannelette interior. A hardwood bow with Mongolian horse tail hairs is also included with the set.

    The violin has been intricately crafted with a solid spruce top, maple back and sides and decorative inlaid purflings for a beautiful, classical appearance. All the features you could ask for have been incorporated in its design, including a chin rest to comfortably hold the violin whilst playing and tuning pegs to tune the strings and produce a perfect sound.

    The double-zippered Oxford carry case has a front pouch to store notes, 2 adjustable shoulder straps and a side handle to comfortably carry to lessons and practice sessions. The carry case also contains a block of rosin to rub onto the bow hairs. This helps the bow hairs grip the strings more effectively so that they vibrate more clearly and produce a richer sound.

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