• Expired Samsung WF8EF5E0W4W Freestanding Washing Machine, 8kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin, White  £299.00 @John Lewis


    Awesome discount by John Lewis plus comes with 5 years guarantee

    The Samsung WF8EF5E0W4W washing machine is A+++ energy rated, comes with a generous 8kg load capacity and offers a range of useful features that help you to save time, money and get great washing results.

    Detergent system
    This machine has ecobubble™ technology, designed to get the most out of your detergent for an ultra gentle clean that saves on energy too. The machine has a bubble generator that dissolves detergent thoroughly and injects air to produce a rich, soapy foam cushion. Even at cooler temperatures, this foam penetrates fabrics faster, cleaning as effectively as a warm standard cycle.

    Diamond drum
    Thanks to the diamond shape of the drum, the machine cares for your clothes while thoroughly washing them. The diamond shape holes collect more water than a normal drum so your clothes are in contact with water for longer, while smaller holes mean your fabrics are better protected from wear and damage.

    Quick wash
    The machine offers 14 programmes, including a 15-minute quick wash that can be extended in 10-minute steps up to 60 minutes' duration. Other special programmes include wool and hand wash programmes. A very useful Stain Away programme removes a variety of common stains - wine, tomato, blood, chocolate and grass - from clothes more effectively than on a standard wash cycle. This reduces the need for stain removal products.

    Complete control
    An LED display along with a time remaining indicator and timer delay allow you to fit your laundry around your schedule. Variable spin and speed settings also enable you to get the most out of this washing machine.

    Motor guarantee
    Easy maintenance and efficient running comes in the form of Samsung’s innovative Digital Inverter Motor. The motor is more durable, quieter and energy efficient than a conventional motor. Noise and vibration are kept to a minimum, which in turn reduces wear and tear on the working parts of the motor itself. Digital Inverter Motors are also all guaranteed for 10 years.

    A highly innovative solution for checking any issues with your washing machine comes in the form of smart check. Your smart mobile phone can be used to identify any issues, reducing the reliance on finding the manual and preventing unnecessary engineer callouts.

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