• Expired Qualcast Corded Rotary Lawnmower - 1200W £39.99 @Argos


    This 1200W Mower Features a Turbo Drive motor and a 32cm steel blade, great for cutting and collecting in all conditions. It features AirLift grass collection technology and the compact design makes it easy to carry and move around obstacles. It also has separate front and rear spring loaded axle adjustment.

    All Qualcast garden power products and pressure washers include a FREE 2 year guarantee when bought from Argos. So whether it is a lawnmower that you use weekly or a hedge trimmer that you use occasionally, you have the peace of mind that with Qualcast, the product is built to last.

    Qualcast's unique Turbo Drive technology transforms the power of the motor into blade torque so as to maintain blade speed in all conditions and achieve the best finish and class-leading grass collection at all times.

    Safety features include a Quickstop blade brake and a 2 handed starting switch.

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