• Expired Hisense H50M3300 50inch Smart 4K Ultra HD TV. Was £429 now with code just  £369.00 @Ao.com


    Fab TV for the price. Use code GET30 to get it down to £369 :-)

    Key Features
    • Certified ?4K Ultra HD with 4K upscaling
    • Smart TV - catch up, movies, & more
    • Freeview HD - 60 free channels including 12 in HD
    • 4 HDMI ports for consoles and Blu-ray players

  • renegade 10 month ago
    Amazin price. Also Hisense is reasonable quality. Its a Chinese brand basically dumping their products on Western markets to get brand recognition, similar to the approach Japanese brands followed decades ago. Worth looking at for some serious bargains.

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