• Expired Asus VivoBook Max 15.6" Laptop Includes Wired Mouse And Bag £279.00 @Ao.com


    With this Asus bundle you’re getting a laptop, an optical mouse and a Nereus carry case, everything you need to get up and running straight away. The laptop has an 11 hour battery life and weighs 1.8kg, so it’s ideal for using in your home without needing to be connected to a charger all day. It has a Pentium ?processor and 8GB of 8GB of ?RAM - perfect for chatting to your friends on social media, as well as listening to music or working on an essay. Plus, the large 1TB of ?storage holds the equivalent of 310,000 hi-resolution photos, which is great for saving your favourite holiday albums. To get the most from your laptop, make sure to pick up a copy of ?Microsoft Office and an ?antivirus package.

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